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Welcome to Madrid!

Dear traveler,

We are so happy to welcome you on our Trip Tours Madrid blog and we hope you’ll find out  many interesting information in order to make your experience in Madrid unbelievable! That is why we want to help you with 20 Popular Spanish Phrases to make your life easier!

If you are reading us probably you plan to visit  this beautiful city for the first time or maybe you just fell in love with Madrid your first time and you want to get back.

There is no one better than us to understand your desire to explore and live Madrid for your first, second, third or many many times!

Definitely Madrid is a city to come back not just because the history, the gastronomy, the beautiful architecture, the amazing museums and spots full of culture or astonishing parks, but also because its friendly and warm people.

That is why on our first post we decided to talk about the people of Madrid.

On our walking tour we will find out among many interesting facts, that the people in Madrid are called “cats” (“ gatos”).

You will notice that even they don’t speak so much English they will always try to talk to you, find out were are you coming from and give you indications on the streets ( “calle”) or  offering you the best products in town.

We have a very active social life, a very nice weather, so most of the time we are on bars, parks, terraces, socializing all the time and making friends.

The ambience is very friendly and you will perceive that on our walking tours also.

You definitely need to make friends in Madrid or at least just some small talk to get into he spirit, so we propose 20 popular  phrases to keep in touch with people during your stay here, but also to help in case of necessity:

😁 “ Hola” and “Adiós” , necessary to start and finish a conversation.

👉 “ Izquierda” and “Derecha” = “Left” and “Right”, to ask for directions.

🙏 “ Por favor” = “Please”

😘 “ Gracias” = “ Thank you”

😉 “ Mi nombre es” =“ My name is”

🌏 “ Soy de…” = “ I’ m from…”

💑 “ ¡Encantado!” = “Nice to meet you”

📝 “ Tenemos reserva” = “ We have a booking”

😀 “¿Dónde está Puerta del Sol ?” =“ Where is Puerta del Sol ?” , so you can get to the city center.

🍺 “ Una cerveza, por favor” = “ One beer, please”, one of the most popular phrases in Madrid together with.

🍽 “ Una tapa, por favor” = “ One tapa, please” ( small portions of food very popular among all Spain, we will see more details about it in our Gastronomy post).

👮🏼‍♀️” ¿Dónde está la comisaría ?” = “ Where is the police station?”, if you have any unpleasant events. Normally Madrid is a safe city, but in the city center like any big city you always have to be careful and take care of your belongings.

👨‍⚕️” ¿Dónde está el hospital?” = “ Where is the hospital? “, in case you need some medical assistance, hope not! You are on holidays 👏

🚈”¿Dónde está el metro?” = “Where is the subway station?”

🧐 “ No entiendo” = “ I don’t understand”

🔖 “ La cuenta, por favor” =“ The check, please”

🚽 “ ¿Dónde están los aseos?” = “ Where are the toilets?”

🙈 “ Lo siento” = “ I’m sorry”

😋” Churros con chocolate” = “ Churros with chocolate”, typical breakfast in Madrid, you should try it!

😋 “ Bocadillo de calamares” =“ Squid sandwich”, typical sandwich in Plaza Mayor.

Good luck in practicing your Spanish in Madrid!

For your unique, friendly and funny experience in Madrid don’t forget to book our tour with us and we will continue learning more about Madrid together!

For sure you got curious with all this food names and that’s why we will get back soon with our Gastronomy post!

See you!