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Discover Madrid: From Medieval to Modern

Unveil Madrid's Timeless Saga: From Majestic Squares to Mystic Sunsets 🌇

Discover Madrid like never before with “From the Middle Ages to the Modern”, a Free Tour that takes you through the beating heart of the city and its best-kept secrets!

It’s not just a stroll but an immersive experience that will transport you from the Plaza Mayor, the cradle of Madrid’s history, to the modernity that surrounds the iconic Temple of Debod.

Basilica of San Francisco el Grande
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What makes it unique? This tour is not a mere listing of sites; it’s a living narrative that weaves together history, culture, and intrigue into a tapestry that only Madrid can unfold. Each stop is a scene, each story a thread, and you are the protagonist in this urban adventure.

Points of interest:

  1. Plaza Mayor: the stage of our journey, where every building has a story to tell.
  2. Puerta Cerrada: discover the significance of this lesser-known gate in the medieval wall.
  3. Cava Baja: a visual and gastronomic feast inviting you to savor Madrid.
  4. Museum of San Isidro: where the legends of Madrid come to life.
  5. Plaza de los Carros and Plaza de la Paja: the essence of medieval Madrid, a haven of peace with stories of kings and nobles.
  6. Basilica of San Francisco el Grande: an architectural gem with one of the most impressive domes.
  7. Las Vistillas: a viewpoint offering breathtaking vistas.
  8. Parque del Emir: a tribute to Madrid’s Muslim origins.
  9. Plaza de la Armería: uncover stories of battles and conquests.
  10. Sabatini Gardens: a green retreat honoring a king’s memory.
  11. Plaza de España: a space that bridges past and present.
  12. Temple of Debod: our stunning finale, a sunset that’s a gift from the pharaohs.

The tour culminates in the mystical atmosphere of the Temple of Debod, with panoramic views that will leave you speechless, a place that alone deserves to be the epic end of our journey.

This Free Tour is your chance to dive deep into the soul of Madrid and live the city beyond tourist brochures.

Book now and secure your spot. The history, mystery, and beauty of Madrid await! Will you miss it? Reserve “From Medieval to Modern” and let Madrid enchant you with its charm!



Our busiest square and one of the first square squares in Spain. It is an obligatory stop for anyone who knows Madrid. You can’t imagine all the history and curiosities it hides…

It is the meeting place for walkers, artists, tourists, and anyone who is in love with this city. It is difficult to be in the center of Madrid and not go to see the Plaza Mayor, it is one of those places where you never get tired of being.

The San Miguel Market is a historical and monumental place, full of literary reminiscences. A market with a lot of history within its walls… And a perfect place with a lot of charm if you want to have a drink and enjoy the atmosphere of Madrid.

It is located next to the Plaza Mayor, leaving by one of its streets. It was originally a fish market, and has undergone several demolitions and modifications until it reached its current state. It is currently the only market of the so-called iron architecture that has survived to the present day.

This square was one of the main centers of medieval Madrid, since it is the origin of three small streets corresponding to the primitive layout of the city: El Codo, Cordón and Madrid.

We can say that it is a square formed by a set of monuments, as it is surrounded by important buildings of great historical and artistic value, which were built in different centuries. The three oldest are La Casa y la Torre de los Lujanes, La Casa de Cisneros and La Casa de La Villa.

Our cathedral is modern but has a lot of history behind it. It began to be built as a pantheon for Queen Maria de las Mercedes in 1883, but the project became more ambitious and a Gothic style cathedral with a large neo-Romanesque crypt was planned.

Finally it was decided that a Gothic cathedral would not be built because of the contrast it produced in the surroundings, and the architects Fernando Chueca Goitia and Carlos Sidro were in charge of continuing the design and construction of the Cathedral in 1950. The exterior would now be neoclassical, this being the aspect it maintains today.

It is the largest palace in Western Europe, and one of the largest in the world. It was built on the ashes of the Old Alcazar where Charles I and his son Philip II resided permanently.

A fire destroyed the Alcázar in 1734 and, on its remains, Felipe V ordered the construction of the current palace.

The building is inspired by the sketches made by Bernini for the construction of the Louvre in Paris. It is arranged around a square courtyard and has a gallery and a Plaza de Armas, where the main facade of the palace is located.

The Royal Theater or Opera House, declared as Spanish Historical Heritage in the category of monument.

The theater is a project of the municipal architect Antonio López Aguado under the reign of Isabel I, was inaugurated in 1850 (although the first stone was laid on April 23, 1818).

For 75 years it was one of the main theaters in Europe, but in 1925 one of its parts collapsed and it was closed for 41 long years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A free tour in Madrid is a guided walking tour of the most emblematic places in the city, where there is no fixed price in advance. At the end of the tour, each participant decides how much to pay based on their satisfaction and budget.

The average duration of a free tour in Madrid is approximately 2 to 3 hours, although it may vary depending on the specific itinerary and the pace of the group.

Generally, you can reserve a place on a free tour in Madrid through our website or app, selecting the date and time of your choice. Some tours allow visitors to join without a reservation, but reservations are recommended to guarantee your place.

At the end of the tour, participants are expected to tip according to their satisfaction with the experience. There is a recommendation in Madrid that is 10€-15€ per person. But there is no fixed amount; it is based on your personal assessment and budget.

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