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3 statues in Madrid you MUST see

Do you think you really know your city? Would you be able to explain the name of every street? I have travelled the world and taken free tours in dozens of cities, getting to know the slightest details only a guide can tell you. But when I came back to Madrid, the city where I had lived all my life, I realized I knew nothing about it. Streets were so familiar to me that I had never stopped a second to admire its characteristics. That lead me to explore my own city and now I would like share some of it with you. Let me tell you about 3 statues you MUST see when you travel to Madrid.

  1. The Screw Statue

This sculpture is located at the centre of the Puerta de Sol Square (Door of the Sun) and it represents Charles III. But why is it called “Screw Statue”? Because it has an inscription that goes all around its base; that way, you have to turn and turn and turn and turn around the sculpture to be able to read it all. I am absolutely sure that, wherever he is, the person who was in charge of writing that inscription laughs to death every time someone goes around the statue.

  1. Phillip III’s Cursed Statue

If we continue walking towards the Royal Palace, we will arrive to the Main Square and there, again at the centre, we will find the sculpture of another king of Spain: Philip III. But, this time, why is it cursed? There is a hideous legend related with corpses you cannot even imagine. Anyone who hears it cannot walk calmly again across the Main Square.

  1. The Statue of the 4 Master Sculptors

The third memorial I would like to share with you is located in the Orient Square, just in front of the Royal Palace. It is a sculpture of Philip IV riding on his horse. Getting to know the story of its construction explains why it is somehow deformed: because, as you may assume from the name, several artists were involved in the process.

Now you know it: the moment you set foot in Madrid, you MUST take a look at these three statues. My advice? Take a free walking tour around the city. That was the way I got to know the story behind the cursed statue of Philip III and the fact that the very same Galileo Galilei was involved in the construction of the sculpture of Philip IV. Do not hesitate: explore Madrid guided by experts.

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