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Best drinks in Madrid

Cheers! These days have been terribly hot. Thanks to some suggestions about how to stand the weather, I have been able to enjoy my vacations in Madrid, one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world. I have been to the Prado Museum, to the public swimming pools and obviously to the night celebrations. But the true secret to survive this weather is to be hydrated and there is nothing better for that than a good glass of wine, a beer or maybe a vermouth. Let me tell you about the best drinks in Madrid.

Spain has an important variety of drinks to offer to their inhabitants, both local and imported. A good wine for eating is always on the table in a common Spanish house and you can find a huge diversity in the market or in any restaurant. Believe me: if you love wine, you will never have a single problem in Spain. Nevertheless, we could say that the most common drink in Madrid is beer. When you go out for a tapas night, you will find beer everywhere and you will never regret ordering one.


Now I’ll tell you one of my favourites: vermouth. This Italian drink can drive anyone crazy. Do not ask about the ingredients, for there are more than dozens in a good vermouth; just taste it and enjoy it. This drink has been very popular in several place of Spain, especially in Madrid, where you will be able to find excellent bars with delicious vermouth. I suggest you explore Cava Baja Street, where I have drunk some of the best drinks in Madrid.

But let me tell you about two other drinks that are just out of this world, especially if you drink them with good food. One of them is cider and the other one is called chacolí. Both of them are typical of Northern Spain. So how did I taste them in Madrid? Well, I went to a gastronomical tour. It has been one of the finest experiences in my life. I discovered flavours that I did not even know existed. On our first stop, we ate the famous pinchos with a glass of chacolí, which is a white wine that makes your mouth love sour flavours. Then, a glass of red wine gave a spectacular taste to the finest manchego cheese and to the most exquisite serrano ham. Last but not least, we enjoyed cider, cod and, as final dish, a chocolate truffle. Everything was just perfect.


I am telling you: if you are the kind of person that believes that food and drinks are part of a trip, you have to taste these dishes and a good glass of these beverages. Do not miss the opportunity to get to know Madrid through its flavours.

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