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Top 10 Typical Spanish Dishes you should try in Madrid

Hello again, dear travelers!

Hope you’re all doing wonderfully and are ready to dive into the flavorful world of Spanish food in Madrid! After sharing some tips in our welcoming post, we’re eager to delve deeper into Spanish gastronomy and the must-try dishes in Madrid.

In Madrid, a city known for its vibrant bar and terrace culture, food and drinks form an integral part of the experience!

Being in the heartland of Spain, our focus here is more on meats, particularly pork and lamb, rather than seafood.

So, let’s embark on this culinary journey!

Typical Spanish Food

Our chef 👨‍🍳 has some mouth-watering suggestions for you:

😍 “Bocadillo de Calamares” (Squid Sandwich): This is not your average sandwich! Imagine fried squid nestled between two large pieces of bread. For an extra zing, ask for some lime, mayonnaise, or “brava sauce” (spicy). The best ones are found in Plaza Mayor, and guess what? We’ll be passing by on our tour!

But why is a squid sandwich so popular in a city without a sea?

We’ve got that story too!

😋 “Cocido Madrileño”: This is a hearty mix of vegetables and various pork cuts boiled together to create a nutritious soup and a substantial second course. A historically popular dish, especially among the less affluent during tough times in Madrid. Be warned, it’s a hefty meal, so sharing is a good idea.

We’ll point you to the best “cocido” spots in town, don’t worry!

🤭 “Callos a la Madrileña” (Madrid-style Beef Tripe): This dish might not seem appealing at first glance, but trust us, it’s delicious. The tripe is cooked in a meat broth seasoned with paprika, tomato sauce, and garlic. Perfect for dipping bread in the savory sauce! We believe in using every part of the meat.

🥩 “Cochinillo/Cordero Asado” (Roast Suckling Pig/Lamb): Though these dishes are more typical of nearby regions like Segovia and Toledo, we’ve got some great spots in Madrid too. One such place is the oldest restaurant in the world! 😱

For an authentic experience, check out our trips to Toledo and Segovia 🚌

💥 “Tapas”: Probably the most famous Spanish culinary term. In Spain, tapas are everywhere, but not all places stick to tradition: buy an alcoholic drink and get a free tapa. Initially, a “tapa” was a simple piece of ham or cheese, but now we have a whole gastronomy around them, boasting a variety of ingredients.

On our Free Walking Tour, we’ll give you the lowdown on the best tapas places and the history of this tradition!

🤤 “Croquetas de Jamón y Queso” (Ham and Cheese Croquettes): We know places that serve over 10 types of croquettes – think mushrooms, cod, chicken, you name it. Along with Spanish Tortilla, croquettes are one of the simplest dishes to prepare when the fridge is nearly empty.

🥔 “Tortilla de Patatas” (Spanish Omelette): A budget-friendly and delicious dish, often enjoyed with cheese, peppers, onions, ham, mushrooms… the list goes on! It’s common to have a slice of tortilla in a “bocadillo” for breakfast.

🥔 “Patatas Bravas” or “Patatas Alioli”: These two sauces are staples in Madrid, and we love our potatoes with them: “brava” sauce is made with olive oil, sweet and spicy peppers, and tomato; “alioli” combines vinegar, olive oil, eggs, and garlic. You’ll find that olive oil is a key ingredient in most Spanish dishes in Madrid.

🐰 “Paella”: The original paella, hailing from Valencia, consists of rice, vegetables, rabbit meat, olive oil, and spices. But today, there are many variations, including the popular seafood and chicken paellas. Watch out for subpar frozen paellas in Madrid – we’ll tell you where to find the good stuff!

☕️ “Chocolate with Churros”: Ending our list with Madrid’s favorite breakfast. On Sundays, families flock to “chocolaterías” for hot chocolate and churros, a crispy, donut-like treat.

There’s a 24-hour “chocolatería” in Madrid that’s always buzzing – don’t leave Spain without trying this combo! 😱

Pair these dishes with some Rioja or Ribera wines, cider, Spanish beers, “madroño” liquor, vermouth, or schnapps.

Next post, we’ll dive into Spanish drinks! 🍷

See you soon with more Spanish Food delights!

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