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The Origins of the City of Madrid

Madrid, known for its vibrant cultural life, rich gastronomy and impressive architectural heritage, has a history that goes back centuries. Throughout this article, we will explore the key moments that have shaped this magnificent city.

Early Settlements

Prehistoric and Roman origins

Madrid’s origins are lost in history, with evidence of prehistoric settlements in the region. However, it was during the Roman occupation that the first foundations of what would eventually become Madrid were laid, although at that time it was no more than a modest settlement.

Mayrit: The Muslim Fortress

In the ninth century, the emir of Cordoba, Muhammad I, built a fortress in what is now old Madrid. This enclave, known as Mayrit, served as a strategic defensive outpost against the Christian kingdoms to the north.

emir de Córdoba, Muhammad I

Madrid in the Middle Ages

The Reconquest and the Integration into the Crown of Castile

With the Reconquest, Madrid became part of the Crown of Castile in the 11th century. Although it was initially a relatively unimportant town, its central location on the peninsula made it a strategic point for the Castilian kings.

The Capital of Madrid

The Rise of Madrid under the Hapsburgs

It was Philip II who, in 1561, decided to establish the court in Madrid, elevating the city to the capital of the vast Spanish empire. This marked the beginning of an era of great splendor for Madrid, seeing the development of infrastructures, palaces and monuments that today are emblematic.

Modern and Contemporary Madrid

From the War of Succession to the Present Day

Madrid has been witness and protagonist of numerous historical events, from the War of the Spanish Succession to the May 2nd uprising against the Napoleonic occupation. In the 20th century, the city survived the Spanish Civil War and was transformed into the vibrant, cosmopolitan metropolis we know today.

Calle de Toledo

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