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The Great Women of Madrid's History

The Great Women of Madrid's History

Welcome to the blog of Trip Tours Madrid, the leading tour agency in Madrid, where we are dedicated to exploring every corner of this vibrant city and discovering the secrets of its rich history. Today, we dive into the legacy of Madrid women who have left an indelible mark on the cultural, political and social fabric of Madrid. Madrid, a city known for its bustling atmosphere, rich history and vibrant cultural life, has also been home and home to some of Spain’s most influential women. These women, with their diverse contributions in different fields, have helped shape Madrid society and have left a legacy that deserves to be remembered and celebrated.

Pioneers in History

Clara Campoamor: The Struggle for Women’s Suffrage

One of the most emblematic figures in the struggle for women’s rights in Spain was Clara Campoamor. Born in Madrid, this lawyer and politician was a tireless advocate of women’s suffrage, achieving that Spanish women could vote for the first time in 1933.

María de Maeztu: Educator and Feminist

María de Maeztu, another notable Madrileña, dedicated her life to the education and advancement of women in Spanish society. She founded the Residencia de Señoritas, the female equivalent of the famous Residencia de Estudiantes, promoting higher education for women in Spain.

Women in Arts and Letters

Margarita Salas: Pioneer in Molecular Biology

In the field of science, Margarita Salas, biochemist and disciple of Severo Ochoa, left an indelible legacy with her research in the field of molecular biology, being one of the most important Spanish scientists of the 20th century.

Maruja Mallo: A Voice in Surrealism

In the arts, Maruja Mallo, a contemporary and friend of Salvador Dalí and Federico García Lorca, was a surrealist painter whose work challenged the norms of her time and broke new ground for women artists in Spain and beyond.

Clara Campoamor

Clara Campoamor

Maria Maetzu

María de Maeztu

Margarita Salas

Margarita Salas

Maruja Mallo

Manuela Malasaña

Manuela Malasaña

Carmen Amaya

Social Leaders and Activists

Manuela Malasaña: Heroine of the 2nd of May

Manuela Malasaña, young and brave, became a symbol of Madrid’s resistance against Napoleonic forces in 1808. Her bravery and sacrifice make her one of the most remembered figures in the history of Madrid.

Carmen Amaya: The Queen of Flamenco

Carmen Amaya, flamenco dancer and singer, revolutionized the world of flamenco with her unique style and unmatched energy on stage. Born in Barcelona but adopted by Madrid, Amaya brought flamenco to international audiences, breaking barriers and transforming this traditional Spanish art form.

Inspirational Contemporaries

Madrid continues to be a breeding ground for talented and enterprising women in all fields, from politics and business to the arts and sciences. Women like filmmaker Isabel Coixet and scientist Margarita Salas (until her death in 2019) continue to inspire new generations of Madrid and Spanish women.


Women in Madrid have played and continue to play a crucial role in shaping the history, culture and society of Madrid. At Trip Tours Madrid, we celebrate their legacy and contributions, and invite you to discover more about these inspiring figures through our specialized tours. Madrid is not only its architecture and monuments; it is also the history of its brave, creative and revolutionary women.

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